Free Podcasts – Level Up Your Listening Skills

It’s all well and good to read and write, but Japanese listening skills pose their own challenges – especially for those of us who are not in Japan.  One way to polish those Japanese skills on the go is to listen to podcasts dedicated to Japanese language learning.

The new learner can try out Japanese101, which provides a number of free shows that offer a range of topics and comprehension levels. They also have some pretty good beginner lessons on Youtube (which is strictly speaking not a podcast,  but its useful to know nonetheless…).  Here’s an example of one of their Youtube lessons:

Another great resources is, which offers a vlog/video podcast that you can subscribe to. (which I’ve mentioned in another post) also offers a great collection of podcasts.

As with all resources of this type, the number of podcasts are legion, and their scope and quality varies, but these three should get you started.  So…get out there, sign up for some of these free podcasts, and start listening!